All American Summer

It's the dog days of summer here in Austin, and that means high temperatures and the kind of oppressive heat that will keep you in doors thanking whatever god inspired the invention of modern air conditioning.  Seriously, I don't know how we would live in the South without it.  I see those old movie stereotypes of the men and women in 20 layers of wool and cotton sitting on a porch in a rocker with lemon-aide and mint juleps, and it makes me wonder how we ever survived here.

So it's times like this when no one wants to shoot outside, and everyone is on vacation that I like to go shoot in the Austin greenbelt.  Tall, shady trees, and access to Bull Creek or Barton Springs, or even parts of the Colorado River make these places ideal for a quick private shoot.  When you get too hot, you can always take a break and jump in the cold, cold water to refresh yourself.

There are dozens of little places to shoot on the greenbelt.  I've shot at this one quite a few times, and it's become my favourite.  When the water is up, there are some really pretty waterfalls, and there's lots of places to shade the sun or get good sunlight from behind.  There's a really deep pool at the base of the waterfall, and you can relax and swim there in clear, blue water without much fear.  Sure, there's the occasional coral snake or cotton mouth, and there's always a turtle or two, but I find if you stay away from them, they stay away from you.

This shoot was a quick, spontaneous shoot.  I realized I hadn't shot anything patriotic for the 4th of July.  Originally, I had wanted to do body paint for the suit, but couldn't get time booked with my body painter, Amy, before the holiday, so we decided to shoot out at the green belt in a patriotic bikini I picked up from American Apparel.

Kendall, the model, is one of my go-to models.  I've been shooting with her for at least three years, and I've watched her develop into a strong, confident, beautiful model.  I know I can count on her to bring a fun, positive energy to the shoot and to elevate whatever we've planned to the next level.

Enjoy the pics below.  I used all ambient light with some reflector fill.  As always, feel free to comment and ask questions.

Model:  Kendall Karczewski
Hair and makeup provided by the model
Bikini:  American Apparel
Location:  Austin Greenbelt
Assistant:  Jordan Danielle Lowery