Study Breaks - July 2015 Issue

For the July 2015 cover of Study Breaks, I got an unusual request.  The magazine has spent much of 2015 going through a bit of an overhaul, and this was the first issue featuring the new editorial staff.  Mark, the new editor, wanted a high key image featuring the winner of the  Study Breaks Swimsuit Cover Contest, Jessica Delgado.  We were able to work out permission with Rio, a high end bottle service bar on west 6th Street.  The two story club features a pool on the roof, which provided an ideal location and a super classy setting.  Ian, the graphics designer, and I worked out a concept that we thought might work and sketched out a quick shot list based on the theme.

For the shoot, I used two AB800s with grid spots as backlights coming in on either side of the model from behind and an Einstein E640 with a diffused beauty dish for the main coming in above and in front of the camera position.  We set up a diffusion panel to the model’s left to block direct sunlight coming in from the sun just over the tops of the buildings.

For the image itself, I used a higher ISO and opened up the aperture.  I also let some of the rim light bleed into the camera lens to give a “foggy” appearance and add to the effect of being in the pool.

We duplicated the look for the interior editorial using the Rio's staff bartenders as well.


Camera Settings:
  Canon 5D Mark II
  Canon 70-200mm F2.8L at 200mm
  F/4,  1/125sec,  ISO 640
Styling:  Karinna Lopez
Hair and makeup provided by the model
Model:  Jessica Delgado
Location:  Rio Lounge rooftop pool in Austin, TX

Click here to see the entire Austin edition of this issue.

Thanks, and feel free to ask me any questions about the shot.