Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope you are all staying warm and dry in this stormy, wet weather.  If you're wearing a great costume and need a place to show it off, stop by and get your picture taken on the Black Carpet at the Zombie Ball.  Tickets are still on sale, and it's one of the greatest Halloween events of all time.  I'll be there taking pictures of the performers and the hundreds of amazing costumes everyone brings.

Want to see pics from last year?  Here's my gallery:

Zombie Ball 2014
Password:  Zombie Ball

Every year, I like to do a couple of Halloween-themed pinups.  This year, we did the Bride of Frankenstein.  Below is the exclusive pinup, but we also did a set that got published in this month's issue of Texas Inked Magazine.  Get your copy here.

Thanks to Kimber Fox, my model, and Aneysa Moreno, my hair and makeup artist who also helped me put together the costume.  We made it from cotton gauze and bandages that we soaked in black tea.  The tea gave the cotton a yellow, withered, antique look and helped give it more texture.  We shot on a white background, and I composited in the moon and bats.  The bats are from a royalty free vector background kit I found a few years ago, and the background was provided courtesy of my good friend Mark Daughn.

I hope everyone is having a nice Samhein or Halloween.  Stay safe and get candy!