Elrick Fashion Show Runway at South Congress Hotel

I met Rick Gonyo in 2012 when I was assigned to be the photographer for his mashup team for Austin Fashion Week.  Every year, AFW (now called Fashion X Austin) holds an informal contest where teams consisting of a photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, model, and designer compete for the coveted "Golden Boot" and bragging rights for the following year.

That year, I was assigned to two teams.  The first was one that I had been asked to join by the model and designer.  The second, I was assigned to because there weren't enough photographers to go around for all the teams.  It was on that second team that I was assigned to Rick.

Rick created this impossible dress.  It was bright red and made to resemble a phoenix rising from the ashes of the fires that had devastated central Texas the summer before.  Here's the image we submitted along with an outtake of Rick and the model for perspective on how tall she is.  Rick is not a short man - about 5'8", so you get a real idea of just how tall we made her.

That team was the start of a friendship and working relationship that continues to this day.

Fast forward to Austin Fashion Week 2017, and Rick has produced his first complete line of menswear for his Elrick fashion label.  I was brought on board to photograph the label tags that will eventually go on the clothing when it's sold in stores.  We did the shoot in October 2016, and then I waited for Rick to present his fashion line.  Finally, on Sunday, May 14, Rick debuted his new line to a packed house at the South Congress Hotel.  It was a fantastic show.  Rick's line is well made, high in quality, and full of little details that make a big difference.  I was really impressed, and I'm excited to have been a part of it.  Photos from the show are below.


To see more of Rick's collection and to see more photos from the show, check out the Elrick Facebook page.